Laser, Lathe, and Saw Cutting

Fabricated Parts Complete to Print

Partnering for your benefit

Sanborn Tube and Fab has developed a network of fabrication partners to complement our internal capabilities. This allows us to provide part complete to print solutions to our customers. Located in southeast Wisconsin, our partners allow us to shorten lead times, maximize fabrication efficiencies, and provide lower total cost solutions to the customer.

Save time and money with a single vendor and a single purchase order.

  • Deburring/Chamfering
  • Tapping/Threading
  • Flow Drilling
  • End Forming
  • Bending
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Finishing
  • Kitting
  • Assembly


Sanborn deals in carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper and brass tubing as well as custom aluminum extrusions. 

Our NEW 72,000 sq. ft. facility provides the capacity for quick turn orders and the space to provide JIT inventory programs. Whether your requirements start as raw material or finish as a completed part to print, we operate with a sense of urgency. 

A513-T1 J356 A249 2000 110
A513-T2 J524 A269 3000 122
A513-T5 J525 A270 5000 260
A513-T6 J526 A312 6000 330
A500 J2435 A511 7000
A519 J2467 A554

Tube Laser Equipment

BLM LT7 / LT Fiber 2KW and 3KW / LT8

Automated tube laser cutting for the broadest processing capability – the perfect laser cutting machines for special shapes.

Our tube lasers provide the highest reliability available today and one-of-a-kind flexibility: CO2 or fiber laser. These laser cutting system are designed to cut special shaped tubes and profiles or open section without any special equipment. You can choose the most suitable laser source for the materials you need to cut.

Lathe and Saw Cutting

Cutting Solutions with High Productivity


The highest automation level in tube cutting. The TS72 is a universal sawing system for cutting tubes and bars which is perfectly suited for smaller batch sizes to higher volume production. All adjustments to changeover for a new tube size are automatic. Non-stop productivity with no downtime is ensured by the automatic axis control function. Cutting parameters are also set perfectly according to material, blade type and tube dimensions.

See what’s possible

SIMEC 120 Cold Saw
  • Round
    • Min OD = 0.500 inches
    • Max OD = 4.000 inches
  • Square
    • Min OD = 0.500 inches
    • Max OD = 4.000 inches
Modern Machine Tool CNC Lathe Cutoff / 3S
  • Round
    • Min OD = 0.250 inches
    • Max OD = 3.250 inches
  • OD / ID chamfer capability up to 60 inches length
  • Round tube / round bar
  • Carbon steel / stainless steel / aluminum / copper / brass
DOALL 500 SNC Band Saw
  • Machine capacity = 14 x 20 inches cutting window
  • 40 inch single index stroke
  • 60 degree swivel capability