Advantages of laser tube cutting

Shining a light on the advantages of laser tube cutting

If you need metal tubing finished with a variety of shapes and openings, laser tube cutting is an order of magnitude more efficient than other manufacturing processes. During the last eight years, it has been a game-changer for Sanborn Tube & Fab and its customers. Laser tube cutters don’t simply cut tubes to a pre-set…
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OEMs: 5 ways outsourcing tubing fabrication can save time and money

5 ways outsourcing tubing fabrication saves time and money

Andy Parsche has toured many OEM plants. He has seen multiple approaches to manufacturing – and, in doing so, he has identified a host of cost-savings opportunities that outsourcing can deliver. “We often ask customers, ‘What if we did it for you and you skipped that process?’” explains Parsche, vice president of sales at Sanborn…
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The advantages of outsourcing your tubing fabrication

Fabrication: In-house or outsource?

Deciding whether or not to outsource fabrication is a task most OEMs inevitably face. There are cases where fabricating components in-house may be the best option, but they are increasingly rare. It’s easy to see why when you take a closer look at the many advantages of outsourcing. “What’s most surprising to our customers is…
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Ag equipment manufacturer doubles production using laser cut tubes

Ag equipment manufacturer doubles production using laser-cut tubes

OEMs in many industries are facing unprecedented pressure to be as efficient as possible today. Often, this means outsourcing manufacturing operations that can be done more efficiently and affordably by an outside supplier, using more modern methods and technology. That’s been the case for one agricultural equipment manufacturer, which uses laser-cut steel tubes supplied by…
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How oem needs are changing

How OEM needs are changing (and Sanborn is evolving to meet them)

A tsunami of change is rocking original equipment manufacturers – from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and supply chain disruptions to worker shortages and the relentless advance of technology. How is Sanborn helping its OEM customers to cope with these developments? Here’s a closer look. Outsourcing assembly fabrication In the past, OEMs made many…
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Sanborn expands tube fabrication services

Sanborn expands tube fabrication services

During the last decade, Sanborn has evolved from a distributor of tube parts to a full-service fabricator of finished and partially finished products, sold to OEMs and sheet metal fabricators nationwide. We’ve accomplished this by bringing many operations in-house that were formerly done by outside partners. Here’s what our expanded capabilities make possible for our customers.
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